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So, I've been neglecting my livejournal of late... Still keeping up with friends, but have been too busy to post much of significance. Instead, I resort to one line status updates on facebook.

Finished with classes for the semester. Probably my busiest so far. Managed 3 As and a B, although I was teetering the line in a couple classes. This summer I am taking Myth, Symbol, and Allusion in Literature and Fiction and Poetry writing workshops. We'll see how two writing classes at once goes. I'm trying to cram them all in so I can graduate in another 3 semesters, although I think I will have to take the capstone Advanced Writing class next summer, so more like... 3 and a half semesters?

Went to LA to shoot a short film. Crap, I didn't mention this at all here, did I? The acting studio where I take workshops has a sister studio out there and a couple of the students wrote and produced this film. I auditioned on tape, and they liked me so I got to fly out there, shoot for a day, and come back. :) It was nice seeing some old faces from workshop. It's like we're all migrating out there. :) But it's nice to be able to have people you know once you get there. I'm hoping to move out there at some point. Got to meet some new people too.

Had to watch the movie Sunshine for my Screenwriting class. I really liked the storytelling. Reminded me of Event Horizon and my own story idea I worked on around 10 years ago. Inspired me to take a look at some of what I'd written. Oh dear. I think I want to burn it. *snicker* I know you shouldn't destroy any of your work, but I really don't want what I originally wrote to see the light of day... *cringe* But I am considering totally remaking it over into a screenplay. Only I'm not sure I could come up with something to match Sunshine with perfect twists, etc. I also thought Sunshine had great acting, plus it had Cillian Murphy, so, yeah. :) Cool movie I had never heard of.

Also randomly got inspired to work on my fantasy novel loosely titled Therath again. Reading back over what I wrote several years ago, I actually still like it. Which is good. :) Don't know if the inspiration will carry too far, but I did try working out the scenario for one of the subplots. I think I'll have to focus on one subplot at a time and see if I need to turn it into separate novels. I dunno, it could work with just two subplots. We can save the faeries for later. ;)

I think I got carpal tunnel from playing too much Geas. I'd been playing like every day since I got done with classes, but I think I shall take a break for a bit. Trying to improve my elf into a decent fighter has been tedious, and just as she was recovering her stats from her last death, she died again! Bloody! This is impeding my nefarious rp plans... ;) Desi, my little scribe, on the other hand, has had her first book approved and just needs to improve her arcane runes and secret font skills to get a promotion. :) No, I'm not getting addicted to mudding again... really...

Oh, and Feudal Realms is back online. Crazy, huh? I just dropped in once and only saw a couple people on. Just the coder's port is open for now ( port: 123) and there's a bunch of changes forthcoming. It seemed so foreign being back on there! I think I've grown accustomed to Geas, and really I think I like Geas better in terms of being levelless, the combat system, etc. I do miss all the old players on FR though. So yeah, don't know if I'll be along for the ride with revamping and building a char on there, but I might drop in to say hi. :)
Tags: acting, feudal realms, geas, life, movies, school, writing
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