Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Went to see Apocalyptica. They are freaking awesome live. :) I was anticipating it would be a good show and was not disappointed. Dir en Grey left something to be desired though, but the opening band Evaline was pretty good. Bought a shirt and a signed copy of Apocalyptica's latest album 7th Symphony.

Also going to see Kamelot and Leaves' Eyes later this month. Unfortunately, the singer for Kamelot is sick and won't be joining them on tour. :( Too bad, but hopefully it'll still be a good show.

Bought Blind Guardian's latest album, and Kamelot's album is coming out the 14th. Blind Guardian should be announcing dates for their North American tour in the next few days. And then Epica is coming in November. Better save up for all these concerts. ;)

I know I haven't posted here in forever. Shall provide a more comprehensive update soon.

Edit: I guess Kamelot decided to cancel their tour and postpone it to a later date. Too bad I won't get to see them, but it's understandable. Hope Leaves' Eyes will still be touring with them when they reschedule! And hope Roy Khan gets better soon!
Tags: music

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