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08 September 2010 @ 01:09 am
So, what have I been up to? Back in school. I have a ton of reading to do, but at least it involves books about Celtic myths and legends and King Arthur. :) Taking British Lit: 1785 to the Present, and Arthur and Legends of the British Isles as well as Creative Writing Workshop: Drama and Intro to Film. Will have a number of essays to write, but they're somewhat staggered at least, and will have to write a monologue, 10-minute, and one act play. Also watching and blogging about a film each week, huzzah! Hopefully I don't get too bogged down by the workload. I don't know, it always seems to work out somehow. ;)

I've mostly been playing Geas in my free time. Have mostly given over playing Desiderea to playing Eluriel, my elf. Desi finally earned her first promotion in the Scribes, but at this rate it'll take her forever to make Master Scribe. She's kinda just my fun char to rp with, since I'm not too concerned about working on her skills, whereas I've been working steadily to turn Eluriel into a decent fighter/sneaky person. It's been fun playing Eluriel since she has a grudge and her own supersecret! agenda. Have managed to earn the Crusaders' suspicion by hanging out with a darkelf though. *inno* Ran for judge too, but narrowly lost. Oh well, back to hunting orcs and goblins and bugbears and ogres, I suppose.

We actually shot some of my scenes for The Highwayman. It's been two years since we shot the promo, but they're slowly working on getting it done. Went up to Boetcher mansion for the tavern scenes (including a bar fight!). And I got to ride a horse. It's not nearly as easy or glamorous as Hollywood makes it seem. ;) Had to shoot the shot of Will hoisting me onto the horse's back and us riding off together over and over and over and I still don't think it came out right, so we may have to reshoot it. But glad to get some scenes done at least. Still a ways to go yet.

I had wanted to shoot a scene from The Sandman Vol. 1 to use for my reel, and because I think it would be awesome to play Death. :) So, I wrote to DC Comics about it, but they said no, unfortunately. They were nice about it though and wished me luck in my future creative endeavors. I kind of wonder if I shouldn't have bothered with asking permission though and just shot it... There's tons of fan films and other things online that use copyrighted characters. But, oh well. Instead, I've decided to write my own scene in which I'd play a personification of Death. Not the same character, but somewhat similar. We'll see how that goes.

My sister bought a condo and moved into there along with my younger brother who's renting from her. So it's just me, my parents, and the puppies in the house now. Feels a bit strange being the last one to move out, but I'll have to wait til I finish school and find a bit more profitable job to save up money. My older brother quit his stagnating job at the car dealership to be a salesman for a roof repair company. He's been working out in Ohio, but I believe he has plans to come back at some point. Right now he's here for a few days on vacation.

La, I guess that's it. Hopefully I will post a bit more often and not disappear into the abyss again.