Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Seriously, Celtic legends are hilarious! Cuchulainn: inventor of the "Hey, look over there!" trick.

And then there's:

Bricriu: "Come to my party or else!"
Conor: "Or else what?"
Bricriu: "I will set warrior against warrior until they kill each other."
Conor: "We will not be blackmailed by you!"
Bricriu: "I will set father against son, mother against daughter, wife against wife til their very mother's milk turns sour!"
Conor: "Oh, in that case we'd better go then."


"Finally she sent a messenger to Cuchulainn's quarters to ask him to join her. He was playing chess with Laeg when the messenger arrived with Medb's request that he should come to the royal quarters. Cuchulainn's reply was to brain the messenger with a chess piece."

I so totally want to do a spoof of this episode. :)
Tags: silliness
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