Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Last weekend I spent four days shooting a student film. It's a psychological thriller/horror film called Animus, and I play the lead, a librarian who starts experiencing weird things around the library stemming from a repressed memory. It was a long shoot, and somewhat harrowing at times, but it was still fun. I'm excited to see it; I think it'll turn out great and I can get some good footage.

I got complimented by the director and other members of the crew on being so easy to work with. I feel like I did really step up and take a leadership role, keeping on top of things and doing what needed to be done rather than sitting back and waiting for someone to tell me what to do like I've done in the past. So I feel good about being able to take initiative like that to be one of those actors that directors love working with because they make things easy.

I've also had a bunch of auditions and callbacks recently. I'm becoming a busy actor all of a sudden! I booked a part in a pilot that the producers are hoping to pitch to networks that's shooting locally. And I also booked a gig as part of a sketch comedy group. I have another callback coming up, and there's a role in a paid feature I'd really like to get, but I probably won't hear back from them until January.

Also got some new headshots taken. I got most of the files already and he'll have to send me the rest. But I'll have to go through all of those and pick the ones I like. I'll post them once I do.

In other news, it looks like I will have to take classes through next fall, because two classes I wanted to take in the spring were offered during the same time, so I'll only be taking three classes this spring. (This is where Hermione's time-turner would be useful!) Kind of bummed about that, cause I was hoping to finish by this summer, but I'm not even sure if the classes I still need will be offered in summer, so I might've had to go another semester anyway. Let's just hope I can get at least one writing course out of the way in the summer, else I might have to cram them all in in the fall, which would not be good. Ah, the trials of coming down to the wire with the classes I need to graduate.
Tags: acting, career, life, school, self
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