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I went to go see Epica on Nov. 30. It was awesome! Not only did the show rock, I caught a towel thrown from onstage, and I got to meet Mark Jansen and Simone Simons! I was standing in line after the show to buy one of their cds from the merch stand when I heard some people talking about "What'd you think of the show?" etc. I turned around and holy crap, it's Mark Jansen! I said hi, shook his hand, and got him to sign my towel when my friends came out of the bathroom and started talking with him. He was super cool, just chatting with us, hehe. We got our pictures taken with him.

Then one of my friends was wondering if Simone was going to come out. Mark let us follow him to the backstage area to wait for her, hehe. And after a short while, we hear some humming coming up the stairs. Guess who it is? :) So we get our pictures taken with her and chat with them both some more. They both signed my cd booklet for me. Super cool. And totally unexpected!

Here is their approximate setlist:

Resign to Surrender
Cry for the Moon
Martyr of the Free Word
The Obsessive Devotion
Fools of Damnation
Kingdom of Heaven
The Imperial March
Tides of Time
Sancta Terra
The Last Crusade
The Phantom Agony

And photos behind the cut!

Us singing along

Me and Mark Jansen

Me and Simone Simons

Also went to go see Blind Guardian on Dec. 12. Was going to go with a friend but he couldn't go, so I ended up going by myself. Still had fun though. The crowd was awesome, which led to some praise and extra encores from the band. :) We even got them to play And Then There was Silence due to chants of "Si-lence! Si-lence!" even though, as Hansi said, they hadn't practiced it. ;)

Here's their approximate setlist:

Sacred Worlds
Born in a Mourning Hall
Welcome to Dying
Time What is Time
Lord of the Rings
Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
Tanelorn (Into the Void)
The Bard's Song (In the Forest)
Mirror Mirror

Wheel of Time
And Then There was Silence
Imaginations from the Other Side

And more photos, though these didn't come out too well...

I also enjoyed the first opening band for BG, Seven Kingdoms. Female-fronted power metal! I bought one of their cds afterwards and all the band signed it for me. Pretty cool. It got me re-interested in starting up my own band sometime. I wouldn't mind opening for Blind Guardian or any of my favorite bands. :)
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