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Wasn't so sure about Barfield, but when I got to the chapters on Religion and The Incarnation of the Word, some of it actually made sense. So... what if Christ was God in the sense that God is in all of us? "God is every living soul." His mission was to sort of push people in that direction, toward final participation. "I and the Father are one." Sort of an interesting way to look at things...

What in fact happened according to the record? In the heart of that nation, whose whole impulse it had been to eliminate original participation, a man was born who simultaneously identified himself with, and carefully distinguished himself from, the Creator of the world--whom he called the Father. On the one hand: 'I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me,' etc. On the other: 'I and the Father are one,' etc. In one man the inwardness of the Divine Name had been fully realized; the final participation, whereby man's Creator speaks from within man himself, had been accomplished. The Word had been made flesh.
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