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20 September 2011 @ 09:51 pm
Read some Stephen King. Realizing that I am definitely a different kind of writer. I don't like the grotesque; I like the beauty. "How precious, the freedom death brings. How unbelievably beautiful..." "And in the darkness there is beauty, as the moon in the night." I don't write about darkness for the shock and the horror. I explore it because it is fascinating, a thing not senseless and incomprehensible, but with its own twisted form and reason. There are no nameless horrors. The horrors are just like us. They are sweet and innocent little girls and poor boys who only want to be loved. There is no evil for the sake of being evil; there is evil because of pain and hurt and anger and the desire for justice, for revenge. I love my fallen characters. Because they see themselves as real, not scary. "I set you free." They are beautiful in their own way.