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My name is: Marianne

I may seem: distant, quiet, and apathetic

...but I'm really: confused, lonely, and afraid

People who know me think I'm: sweet but difficult

If you knew me you'd probably think I'm: strange

Sometimes I feel: lost, hopeless, and guilty

In the morning I: sleep

I like to sleep: during the day

If I could be doing anything right now I would be: gazing up at the stars in the arms of the sweetest being

Money is: an unfortunate necessity

One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: a guilty conscience

All I need is: someone to understand me and be there for me

All you need is: an open mind

If I had one wish it would be: to be able to live my dreams

Love is: what fuels us and brings us closer

Something I want but I don't really need is: my own apartment

Something I need but I don't really want is: to start thinking realistically

I live for: experience, freedom, feelings, and expression

I dare you all to: spread your wings and fly

I am afraid of: death, failure, not knowing where to turn to

It makes me angry when: people are cruel or complete assholes just for the sake of feeling good about themselves

I dream about: my fantasies, the future
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