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Some parts stolen from twilightsgirl

How to Get Along with Me (as an enneagram type Four):

- Give me my space when I need it, but be there when I need support
- Understand my different nature, and respect my creativity, intuitition, and sensitivity
- Share interests with me, as it's easy to talk about something I can relate to and am passionate about
- Allow me to do things at my own pace
- Give me time alone to sort through my thoughts
- Allow me to express myself freely, and give me time free from distractions to do so

What Not to Do:

- Don't expect me to be like or act like other people, you may need to use a different strategy when dealing with me
- Don't insult or attack me, because I take everything personally
- Don't force me to do things which go against my nature
- Don't tell me I'm too sensitive, or expect me to magically cheer up when I am feeling down
- Don't feel insulted when I don't talk much, as it takes me a while to open up

What is Good About Being a Four:

- Creativity, insight, vivid imagination, deep thinkers
- Appreciation for beauty, and ability to find it in what others would consider ordinary
- Ironic view of life, and unique sense of humor
- Authentic, honest, trustworthy, compassionate
- Self-aware, intuitive, sensitive
- Passionate, expressive, romantic, and sensual

What is Hard About Being a Four:

- Experience dark moods of emptiness and despair
- Self-absorbed, distant, quiet, withdrawn, witholding
- Long to feel connected, yet feel "different" from other people
- Waste time thinking about what "could be", rather than trying to make it actually happen
- Self-conscious, feelings of self-pity, self-hatred, guilt, and envy
- Take everything personally, and dwell excessively over negative feelings
- Find it difficult to motivate themselves, and feel disenchanted when reality does not turn out as ideal as their fantasies
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