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28 August 2002 @ 10:23 am
Plot development...  
One thing that I noticed about another story I had worked on for a couple of years is that it lacked a really good plot. It was just basically a bunch of events stuck together with some hidden point to it all.. somewhere... So, I ended up putting that story away, because I was going to end up rewriting the whole thing, and it still wouldn't have that strong of a storyline.

So... to prevent a lot of unneeded frustration later on down the line, I'm going to try to come up with a really good storyline for my fantasy story, that actually makes sense and which people would be interested in. One problem though, is that I haven't read much fantasy.. so I'm not sure just what would work. And yet, I also don't want it to seem too cliche-y, and I don't really want it to be like "typical" fantasy. There is no real "good versus evil", as it all depends on whose side you are on...

I am basing a lot of it on a setting like Feudal Realms, i.e. feudal medieval fantasy, dukes, barons, and lords ruling over their inherited land. There are "good" and "evil" houses, so to speak, but again, it all depends on your point of view, and I'm sure many commoners would see all nobles as "evil". Along with the human kingdoms, there are also cities governed by the elves, drow, fae, felis, orcs, and ogres. Each race, of course, has their own system of government, and tensions can arise between different races.

I suppose the basic plotline of the story is that hostilities are building between the different races, and among the human nobility, as they each seek to gain more power and control over the realms. Alliances form, instances of treachery and political intrigue occur, and it all eventually leads up to a great battle between all of the major forces. Now.. I suppose I am wondering.. is this enough? Or does there need to be some other underlying storyline?

I do have a secondary storyline which accompanies the main one, and which, actually, is more developed at the moment. But this occurs more on a personal level, though it does keep the universal plot in mind. But... I still wonder if I need more. I hate to do all this work of developing and writing my story, only to be dissatisfied in the end... So.. if anyone has any ideas, or notices something that needs a little work, please tell me. I am open for suggestions at this point...
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