Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

The History of Dominion and Dionae

As transcribed by Etameth Sorecien

Chapter One

I remember the pair well. They were born into these realms close to twenty millennia ago, the twin Miza'har known simply as Dominion and Dionae. One would have noticed something peculiar about these two the moment they laid eyes on them. Always curious about the world around them, always seeking knowledge or adventure, cunning, charismatic, and mischievous. These traits, though seemingly harmless and even admirable at the time, would inevitably lead to the unspeakable...

As previously mentioned, the twins possessed eager minds, and set out at a young age to walk among the mortals and learn their ways. The two took on the forms of a pair of young humans, always seen with dark hair, fair skin, and peculiar dress - Dominion, the elder of the two with orbs of fiery red, and Dionae, the younger with brilliant violet eyes. Dominion was certainly the more refined of the two, while his sister maintained an almost child-like personality, yet they were both interested in the same thing - gaining more than what they possessed, be it knowledge, intangibles, or material items.

Taking up residence in one of the larger cities of Kirganthis, they began to study in the ways of the clerical arts, finding interest in the methods of healing, the devotion to the totems, and the applications of mortal magics. The pair were ardent students, yet temptations soon led them towards the darker arts. An unhealthy interest began to show in the summonings of demons, curses, and other afflictions. Upon falling from the grace of their tutors, they were no longer servants of the magic they held, but commanders of it. And as one knows, power corrupts, and only leads to a desire for more power...

Dominion soon became obsessed with his own potential, and pored over countless scrolls, discovering more about the magics of the mortals and Miza'har alike. He grew steadily more powerhungry each day, convinced that knowledge of the past was key to his success in the future. He constantly sought an answer, something that would inspire him and bring him glory greater than he could ever dream. Yet nothing seemed enough, and he felt constantly lacking, as though all the power of the combined Miza'har could not please this disturbed individual.

Dionae, unlike her brother, was not so much interested in bettering herself as she was exploring the powers she already possessed, and the many ways she could use them. She often times surprised Dominion with a new way of thinking, which he, even through his countless years of study, had never come across. And further yet, she had the ability to charm nearly any being, with a craftiness only a Miza'har could possess. Her curiosity and overwhelming sense of mischief, coupled with Dominion's supreme knowledge and self-serving desires could only lead to trouble in sight.

Conquest would be the twins' next adventure. Taking their powers a step farther, they ventured upon an established human city, one goal in mind - to conquer it. Dominion had established fear as his primary means of attack, effectively crushing one individual to serve as an example for what would happen to the others if they did not comply to the Miza'har's wishes. From that point on, the entire city was at the mercy of the siblings. And they made a point to extort full advantage of this, living in absolute luxury, which drove Dionae deeper into the realms of greed and selfishness which her brother had already fallen prey to.

Chapter Two

It was at this time when I first became aware of the twins and the havoc they had been causing. By chance, they had chosen to overtake the very same city which I had taken up residence nearby. I am certain that the two were unaware of my presence there, as I had dwelled long in those parts, disguised as an elderly human magus. A small group of villagers came to me and informed me of the plague which had gripped their city - that of Dominion and Dionae. They seemed certain that I could assist them, with the curiously vast knowledge I possessed, and I, though wary to aid the mortals against my own kind, at last heard them out and offered a solution.

The twins were certainly a menace, this was clear. I could not allow them to continue exploiting these poor villagers. While still keeping my true identity a secret, I informed the humans that I indeed knew of a means to rid themselves of the of the Miza'har's detriment. The origin of an Ancient's power is a vast mystery, which few truly understand, and even less know how to compromise. Now, wielding great power is one thing, but knowing how to take it away... that is a power unto itself.

To this day, I still wonder if my next action was my gravest mistake, or if it was a necessary deed in the great scheme of existence... I granted the mortals the key to stifling an Ancient's power, a carefully enchanted scroll, along with the directions needed to ensure its potency. I then accompanied the villagers back to their town, to see for myself the havoc caused by the siblings, and to oversee the enactment of my tentative solution.

Upon arriving at the ivory tower wherein the devilish pair had taken up residence, I met with the two, under the guise that I had come to aid them, offering my skills in magic. Dionae seemed at once intrigued, yet Dominion remained suspicious, I am sure. He was never one to trust strangers... His strongpoint, and his sister's fault. I spent days with Dionae, showing her the many tricks I had learned over the years, her all the while entranced. Such spirit, I saw in her... It is a shame she could not have taken a different path, and there are times when I still miss the awestruck innocence in her eyes...

I was never able to learn much of their future plans, as Dominion stayed ever wary, though I had clearly gained his sister's trust. Never was it revealed to them my true identity, yet the link between the Miza'har is strong, and I sensed that they suspected something unusual about me. Clearly no mortal could captivate an Ancient so... Yet I was never approached, and so it is believed that my secret remains to this day. Perhaps Dominion, with his intellect and guile would have eventually uncovered the truth, yet this.. was not to be...

Chapter Three

It was early morning when the crowd gathered outside the gates of the magnificent white tower. A servant entered the twins' chambers, bringing word that they wished to speak with Dominion alone. The villagers' plan was quickly being drawn into place. I had warned them that the twins together would be an impossible adversary to overcome. Yet alone, one - the stronger of the two - could be subdued, leaving the pair helpless and confused, and surely causing them to flee. And so, it was agreed that Dominion's powers would be stripped, yet Dionae's would be spared, allowing her to transport her brother to safer haven while overcome by the shock of the villagers' rebellion.

It appeared that all would go well, as Dominion relented to the townspeople's request and agreed to meet with them before the tower gates. And, as my duty, I kept Dionae occupied, showing her the timeworn pages of my journals from years past. She remained unaware, as outside the uprising began, and villagers charged forth, only to be met by Dominion's terrible fury. So many met a cruel death that day, until a last, a lone enchanter uttered the words that would drastically upset the battle. One cannot imagine the shock Dominion faced when the terrible realization set in that his powers were gone...

And at that moment, a strange look crossed Dionae's face, and she questioned softly, "Brother?" I, too, had heard the call, the distant cry echoing forth.. bearing pain, fear.. a cry for help... She bolted up quickly, running to the chamber doors, calling out her brother's name as she rushed, determined, to aid him. I tried in vain to stop her, knowing that she, too, could face Dominion's fate. Yet she pulled away and vanished out into the hall, myself following in pursuit. At last, she halted before a narrow window overlooking the tower gates. Peering out, she gasped at the scene which lay beyond...

Dionae could only watch in horror, as below the villagers steadily closed in on the helpless Miza'har. And it was then that I realized my fatal error... The mortals would not be content with merely stripping Dominion of his powers. No, they sought him, and his sister alike, dead... As this knowledge slowly set in, I watched the scene unfold below. Dominion fought back in vain, yet there were simply too many for him, without his powers, to stand a chance against. The chaos compounded so quickly, I never saw the final blow. But I could not deny the pain which erupted in my mind as one of my fellow Miza'har fell... An anguished cry, and Dominion collapsed, his body motionless beneath the feet of his foes.

"No!" came Dionae's desperate plea, and before I could glance to her, she had vanished, reappearing by her fallen brother's side. She clutched him tightly, disbelief in her tear-filled eyes, as she struggled to comprehend what had just taken place. An urgency filled my mind, as I saw the villagers surrounding her, and my thoughts begged her to flee from that place before she, too, was met with harm. I am unaware if she, in fact, heard my warning, or if it was merely instinct which caused her to glance up, and in a single moment utter a transportation spell, vanishing along with her brother to some far off place of which I remain unaware.

I turned from the window, in the same instant relieved and distraught. This was not the fate I had intended for the pair... Yet, I should have known when I agreed to aid the humans, just what the cost would be. My brothers, forgive me, what have I done? I later returned to my home just outside the village, and the townspeople returned to their normal lives, grateful to be free of the Miza'har's grasp once again. Yet, I cannot say I was ever the same from that day forth. I searched my soul in efforts to locate Dionae, to ensure that she, in fact, was safe...


Ages passed, and only recently have I learned what became of the young Miza'har. Fearing for her safety, she fled far away from that town, taking on the form of a beautiful forest nymph, and existing in peace among the trees. So long did she hold that form, that she indeed forgot of her previous life, of her brother Dominion, of me... Yet she was eventually discovered by Etanos, eldest of our race, and with his aid was able to reclaim her lost memories. Tales found their way to me that she had returned to her previous existence, engaging in her curious studies and mischievous ways that she had always clung to.

I now look back fondly on the days I spent with the two. Yet a terrible sorrow still holds its place in my heart. I remain unaware of whether my other brethren ever learned of the part I played in Dominion's death... It is a curse that will remain with me forever, I fear. I sometimes wonder if Dionae remembers me... And if she were to learn the truth, if she could ever forgive me for what I have done... Yet that is all merely speculation, and when I first put pen to parchment it was with the intentions of telling the facts of the past. And perhaps with this tale, you, dear reader, shall learn, and remember. The mistakes of the past cannot be rectified, yet, as Dominion himself believed, they do hold the keys to the future...

May you all be blessed with joy and peace of mind. And may you never be cursed with such a sorrowful tale. The Ancients possess the power to both harm and protect. Let us all pray that you are met with only the latter, and not the former. My mercy on you all...

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