Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Heaven must be more than this
When angels waken with a kiss
Sacred hearts won't take the pain
But mine will never be the same

Apparently, I'm Going To Heaven...

Take The After-Death Destination Quiz
Another (baka) quiz made by Kourin

I didn't really need a quiz to tell me this, since I am about as "yin" as they come, but...

Apparently, I'm Yin...

Are You Yin or Yang?
A quiz made by Kourin

And one more for fun...

Sit, Legolas, sit!
Well, you're pretty, that's for sure. You have rabid fangirls all over the world, despite the fact that you only got 15 lines in FotR. Ah well, there're still two more movies, right? In any case, you've got your good looks and sense of style, even if you are blonde and have your fair share of redundant lines. You're also Aragorn's manwhore annoyingly agreeable, doing all that's told of you without question. ("Sit down, Legolas," "Get them up Legolas," "Shoot it Legolas," "Speak Legolas," "Roll over Legolas," "Do the Macarena Legolas," etc) Advice: Try to be a little more manly. Follow Aragorn's example. Don't wash your hair for a few days. You'll smell like a human but maybe they'll stop accusing you of being gay...
Which Horribly Mocked Fellowship Character Are You?
This quiz made by Kourin
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