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You Are Awake!

Born and mastered in August of 1994, you have a very lively and dramatic feel to you, often going over the top by other's standards. You have some order within you (A Mind Beside Itself), although you can also be very random. As is hinted at by the band group pic on your back, you always seem to be on the move, never stopping long to just smell the coffee. You have the feeling something or someone could leave you at any time (Kevin Moore), but only time will prove your insecurities.

Here is your track listing:

  1. 6:00

  2. Caught In A Web

  3. Innocence Faded

    A Mind Beside Itself:

  4. Erotomania (instrumental)

  5. Voices

  6. The Silent Man

  7. The Mirror

  8. Lie

  9. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream

  10. Scarred

  11. Space-Dye Vest

Which Dream Theater album are you?

This quiz was made by Celco.

Edit: Bleh, the silly image wouldn't show up... In other news, I started taking Anafranil tonight. Never before has a medication with the warning "May cause drowsiness" actually made me feel drowsy. Sort of ironic that I got "Awake" as a quiz result... Also ironic that I am listening to Images and Words at the moment. *snicker*
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