Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

And now, some quotes to cheer me up...

Soldier Kahlin tells the house 'weee i have no eq'
You tell your house: 'Again?'

Soldier Kahlin tells the house 'man...3 executions in one month'
Soldier Kahlin tells the house 'im pretty lucky'

Dorrin says, 'Sitting is a very demanding task.'

Dorrin auctions 'The mask of the bear, starting at 10 silver.'
Dentorack auctions '9 silver'
Dorrin auctions 'sold to dentorack'
Dentorack auctions ':)'

Bastian answers 'I LOVE THIS!!! Your DEATHBLOW COMPLETELY DESTROYS Bastian's groin!'
Marixil answers 'Someone blew your groin?'

Alysanna question 'Could we get someone to take pity on Kemendes he seems to have lost his link here in the grasslands. We've waited for 10 minutes and he hasn't moved but we don't want to abandon him here.'
Someone answers 'send him to Desparin, he'll be safe there.'

A new famous Terloch quote - "Humans don't have tails, and God doesn't run crap, I do..."

And a lovely poem by Bastian...

[ 81] Bastian: The Change
Date: Tue Oct 15 01:27:30 2002
To: all
A poem ascribed to the change as of late.

Dummy, oh dummy, I start combat with you;
Dummy, oh dummy, how different a view!

Our battle is looking oh how so queer,
But good nevertheless, have no fear!

Watch out dummy, hear comes the deathblow!
Shoot, I missed, I just clipped your elbow!

Dummy, poor dummy, slow like quicksand,
Your hit missed me and I chopped off your hand!

Woe to you, the dummy that needs protection,
Because I just obliterated you in your midsection!

Call an ambulance, dummy, sound the alarm!
I accidentially just chopped off your left forearm!

The battle's over now, I've beaten you dead,
with my quarterstaff in hand, I demolished your head.

But maybe someday we'll get together to rejoin,
But when we do meet, I hope you won't backstab my groin!
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