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22 November 2002 @ 04:56 pm
I've been waxing philosophical again. If only you could hear my thoughts... Careful, you might lose your mind.

Yet even I, a woman of words, cannot begin to express what occurs behind my eyes. I wish there was a tape recorder in my head, which could capture every single word that runs through my mind. I cry because I cannot bring into being that which I envision. But then, this world is only transient, and we, and our thoughts, are eternal.

Sometimes, you just have to think, and let that concept reveal itself completely. And do not worry about remembering, for even if you have that thought only once in your lifetime, know that it was, and is, your own. You are forever beautiful if you dream of beauty only once.

Breathe. Be. Dream.

Open your eyes...
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Tool - Disposition