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I was just reading through some of my old stories. I realized I miss writing so much... I will have to start on them again. I've written some histories, etc. about my characters, but I will eventually have to send something in to get published. Here is the first paragraph of "Discovery", which was going to be my first novel, though I think I'll concentrate on something else now.

Life has a way of presenting itself to us in that, no matter where one goes, some form of beauty can always be found. The beauty that makes up our lives is everywhere. It is the sweet serenity of a pure winter morning. It is the shining skyline of a distant city at night and the ethereal stars up above. It is the finality of a sunset, all at once so mesmerizing, and then eventually fading like the glowing embers of a dying fire. This is the beauty that causes all tangible things to vanish and to make way for a deeper, inner feeling that we may cling to, that allows us to see the world as it would otherwise not be seen. It is with this feeling that we retain our sanity. And with this, we can see that even amidst this chaotic, corrupt society, there is something better.

I miss writing...

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