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Walwainr tells you 'damn u type fast for a girl of 17'

Walwainr tells you 'where do u live'
You tell Walwainr 'In real life?'
Walwainr tells you 'yes'
You tell Walwainr 'Colorado'
Walwainr tells you 'then what r u doin up so late in the night'
You tell Walwainr 'hehe, I always stay up late :)'
Walwainr tells you 'naughty girl'
Walwainr tells you 'dont u have school today'
You tell Walwainr 'nope'
You tell Walwainr 'Not going to school this year'
Walwainr tells you 'ah''
Walwainr tells you 'why couldnt be bothered or did u get a job'
You tell Walwainr 'I just didn't like it, and it wasn't helping me learn much
You tell Walwainr 'I might go to college this fall or next spring'
Walwainr tells you 'let me gyess you come from a multi millionaire family and
since you didnt like school and the kids and you are goin to get the
inheritance and be a muti- millionaire anyway you decided to quit school'
You tell Walwainr 'hehe, no'
Walwainr tells you 'and so here you are playing games late at night while the
rest of the kids prepare tp go to school probably goin to get a private tutor
who tutors u in the pool while you swim or play tennis or golf'
Walwainr tells you 'dont lie'
You tell Walwainr ':)'
Walwainr tells you 'so it's true'
Walwainr tells you 'sorry i know it's none of my buisness i just cant help
myself sometimes'
Walwainr tells you 'please forgive me''
You tell Walwainr 'It's okay :)'
Walwainr tells you 'friends'
You tell Walwainr 'Sure :)'

Hehe, that kid is cute.
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