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Renew our faith which way we can
To fall in love with life again

Resplendent Posy: I think I should start trying to get out of the house more..
Resplendent Posy: Except I'm not sure where to go
Tranquil Requiem: Did you go out today?
Resplendent Posy: No, but I was just thinking about how I stay inside mostly..
Resplendent Posy: I was reading some in my enneagram book too, and just thinking
Tranquil Requiem: Oh.
Tranquil Requiem: Only times I get out of the house are to go to school, go to my friends to play guitar, or go to my fathers', and that's it..
Resplendent Posy: I should at least try to go shopping every once in a while, and get my driver's liscence and all
Tranquil Requiem: That would be a good start.
Tranquil Requiem: Just going shopping.
Resplendent Posy: I always feel alot of anxiety around alot of people though
Tranquil Requiem: I know how you feel, I can't eat at restaurants.
Tranquil Requiem: But shopping's kinda different, isn't it? There isn't a lot of people all the time, and they're looking at the food not you.
Resplendent Posy: I guess I don't like places that feel "busy"
Tranquil Requiem: Yeah.
Resplendent Posy: I might start seeing a therapist again, that could get me out of the house too
Tranquil Requiem: Use the therapist just to get out of the house? :)
Resplendent Posy: Sure, hehe
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