Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

A Song on the Wind

*** I wrote this last night, after procrastinating like mad. I am beginning to truly love elvish roleplay... It's very serene and beautiful. I feel rather accomplished having written and finished this. All in the span of a couple hours. Enjoy. ***

Wind whipped against his body. Leaves and branches brushed his face as he ran blindly through the wild woods. He had never passed through these forests before, and though he raced frantically, without thought for his own safety, his footing was sure, and he did not stop until exhaustion took him, and he dropped to his knees, panting, before an aged oak. Aleksey coughed and gasped as he struggled to catch his breath. He leaned against the rough bark of the tree's massive trunk and shut his eyes, features pained with emotion. Unable to hold it back any longer, he buried his face in his hands, and wept.

"Never go to Kisah..." The words echoed in his mind. Why hadn't he listened? But he now knew, as he sat bawling in the forests beyond the elven city's edge, just why his mother had spoken to him that warning. Alas, his curiosity had proved too much to bear. No, it was more than his curiosity. He had felt.. almost as if the city itself were calling to him. The city of the elves. His brethren. His family. It was his home...

Indeed, he had felt comfort upon first venturing through Kisah's streets. He had felt an immense connection, a power... What words had he used when speaking to Judah in Stonegate's park not long ago? A warming light. The light which binded all the elves. It had been strongest here, stronger than he had ever felt it before. And yet this was not the only thing he discovered here, in the land of his kin...

Perhaps it was fate which led him to the Elkhorn Tavern. There, he had met a former member of the Royal Scouts of Kisah, once known only as the Falling Leaf. The elder elf had recognized the boy, as he closely resembled his father, once a member of the Leaf himself. Yet the revelation that took place there would change Aleksey's perceptions completely. Rarely had his parents made mention of his father's days among the Falling Leaf. Aleksey had never known what had caused them to take refuge among the wildlands east of Karathos' territory.

Yet that fateful day, the truth was revealed to him. His father had killed an elf. Twice, had he shed the blood of his brethren. Not only this, but he had betrayed his own clan, taking the life of another of the Falling Leaf. Aleksey shuddered as the words of Lazareth Kel'toi, then Lord of the Leaf, were repeated to him: "Let it be known that Azaeruil is no longer welcome within the elf home, his name shall be stricken from our books and in its place shall no word be placed." Aleksey was the son of an outcast...

The boy's mind raced as he recalled those words spoken to him mere moments ago. He had fled, unable to comprehend this turn of events, and tormented by the fact that his parents would keep such a secret from him. As he sat there now, he struggled to cope with both his disbelief, and his inner knowledge that it was, in fact, the truth. Soon, Aleksey's pulse began to settle from a pounding sprint to a steady walk. His lungs no longer screamed for air, and he took in a deep breath. His tears subsided, and he lifted his head, peering at the woods around him.

"Never go to Kisah..." Why had his mother truly spoken to him those words? To hide him from the truth, or to protect him from it? Perhaps both... Yet that warning was one he could not obey. As Aleksey scanned the surrounding forest, he felt his intuitions confirmed. The city had been calling to him. He had felt the call long ago. And only now had he been able to answer it. But he could feel in his heart that he had made the right decision. Kisah was his home.

Aleksey slowly got to his feet, and as he did, a slight noise drew his attention. He turned his head quickly. And there before him crept the most beautiful creature imaginable. A small fox, its fur the color of burnished copper, stood, peering up at him with black eyes like polished onyx. He stood, in awe of this creature, and his heart leapt, for this was surely a sign from his sacred totem. As the two held each other's gaze, Aleksey recognized an inner calling.

And then, as quickly as it had appeared, the fox vanished, disappearing into the further depths of the woods. The elf stared after it, his anguish silenced, and replaced by a new understanding and sense of purpose. A song on the wind, Judah had called it, refering to the epiphany one experiences when he recognizes his calling. How beautiful did that music sound as Aleksey stood alone among Kisah's forests. He lifted his gaze to the treetops, taking in all of nature's wonder. And in that very moment, his fears and doubts were cast aside, and the Song became all that he heard. He knew what he must do.
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