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13 January 2003 @ 09:28 pm
And I'm starting to realize
The pointlessness of life
Yet somehow it's still beautiful
Pain can make me smile
Love is fickle
Yet I want it just the same
And I'm starting to see
The irony of being me
Or simply being
If life is for living
Half of us are dead
And the rest are dreaming of the next world

Take my hand
Don't lose your grip
Pull me into this warmth, this subtlety
If I open my eyes
Will I see reality?
Or merely thoughts in distant stars
If you prick me, will it hurt?
If I bleed, will it matter?
I'm not the one you thought you knew
Each sensation lasts only a moment
Each memory fades
Do you see your future in my eyes?
I'm here, yet already gone
I'm yesterday, and you're tomorrow
Maybe I'll see you in another life
But will you recognize me?
At least I'll still love you...
Time is fleeting
Yet we are eternal
Forever and always...