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Just an FYI, most crafts which do not require a specific room or tool will
after tonight...
Dorrin gossips 'Like hiltcraft?'
Trant gossips 'What about plucking?'
Plucking would be an exception I would think...
Alexaar gossips 'makes since'
Kei gossips 'what about whittling...?'
Trant gossips 'Thats what I was thinking! You need a knife to whittle...'
Whittling, to reduce the massive mounds of sawdust, more than likely will have
a room...
Dorrin gossips 'what about those crazy old hermits that like to whittle on
their porch in their rocking chair, thinking about the good ol' days?'
Kei gossips 'usually it only leaves a few chips of wood since we aren't using
big logs to make a few arrowshafts or a little club....'
Antonil gossips 'I'd just like to be able to get some of what I need to use
Who says that the room won't be a porch? *laugh*
Dorrin gossips ':D'
Alexaar gossips 'Everyone find the nearest porch immediately'
Trant gossips 'Loking for a porch, please send one my way if you find one!'

Ta da! He wasn't kidding...

The Whittling Porch
This large porch is attatched to the Woodworks, and is for those who are
skilled in the craft of whittling. While appearing to not be overly
functional, there are generations of octogenerians who know that the best
place to whittle from is sitting on a porch in a rocking chair. The main
building is back to the east.

[Exits: west]
A comfortable rocking chair is here.
A sturdy coffee table made for propping one's feet on is here.
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