Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Falling Leaf is fun...

Eryidean tells the group 'Naralynn, meat Aleksey. Aleksey, meat Naralynn.
Naralynn and Aleksey, meat Steren.'
Naralynn tells the group 'Wood elf: Hiya'
You tell your group 'Meat?'
Eryidean tells the group 'I can't spell meet..'
Eryidean tells the group 'Or maybe I'm feeling very carnivorious tonight.'
Naralynn tells the group 'Wood elf: oh dear'
Eryidean tells the group 'Deer.'
Eryidean tells the group 'Oh wait, it is dear.'
Eryidean throws his hands up in disgust at his lousy typing skills!
Eryidean bursts into tears.

In elven, Radd says 'My diet consists of a healthy mixture of berries, nuts,
roots, fungus, and honey cakes.'
In elven, Naralynn says '.. can't forget the honey cakes.'

Messenger Feylan tells the house '(Forget all those twinks. I want them to
code my ranger like Legolas!!!)'

In elven, Eryidean says 'Hey!'
In elven, Eryidean says 'I have an idea.'
In elven, Naralynn says 'Uh oh..'
In elven, Naralynn says 'What?'
In elven, Eryidean says 'Go east, Naralynn.'
Naralynn soars east, on a appaloosa mare.
Radd leaves east.
Eryidean yells 'All right. Now try to fire that arrow into the apple ontop of
my head!'

Eryidean places a small red apple ontop of his head, keeping it in place with
his cotton headband.
Eryidean yells 'All right. Now fire!'
Eryidean yells 'OW!'

You draw an arrow from a gray quiver.
You hold an arrow in your hand.
You fire an arrow at Eryidean.
Your arrow MASSACRES Eryidean's lower back!
Eryidean has a few scratches.
Eryidean yells 'Ouch!'
You wince in agony.
You yell 'Sorry..'
Eryidean yells 'You both are terrible archers!'
Eryidean has arrived.
A banker pony has arrived.
Eryidean stumbles along the road towards them with arrows sticking from his
ribcage and legs, an angry look within his eyes.

You gossip 'I would just like to announce that Naralynn and I will soon be
touring the realms, performing our famed
"Shoot-the-apple-off-of-Eryidean's-head" trick.'
Eryidean goes *ACK* and looks somewhat worried.
You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.
Eryidean gossips '...Please don't... The first time hurt..'
Radd gossips 'It is quite entertaining, I encourage everyone to watch... for
only 50 gold crowns.'
You gossip 'I'll be a better aim next time.. honestly...'

A cute frog says to Eryidean, 'Hey buddy, how are you doing?'
In elven, Naralynn says 'Adorable, Eryidean. Simply adorable.'
Eryidean says to A cute frog, 'Finally people can see you! I knew I wasn't

In elven, Feylan says 'Wow. I must be more tired than I thought. For a minute
there, I thought that Eryidean was holding a talking frog.'
In elven, Eryidean says '..I am.'

You stare at the sky.
Jarka joins Aleksey in stareing at the sky.
In elven, Radd says '...dark clouds this afternoon.'
Eryidean stares at the sky.
In elven, Eryidean says 'I see a frog-shaped cloud..'
You bat your eyelashes.
Radd coughs loudly.
Jarka snickers softly.

Eryidean tells the group 'We should have Aleksey and Eryidean fall in love.'
Eryidean tells the group 'We'll be the first homosexual couple on FR.'
You tell your group 'hehe'

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