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Since I can't use "drow", I've decided to come up with a new name for my drow-like race. Looking through some webpages on various folklore, the only names I could find were svartalfar, dopkalfar, and dekkalfar, which all mean literally "dark elf". It seems I'm actually going to have to be original here...

So.. I've been trying to come up with a good name for my dark elves. Physically, they look like elves except for the fact that they have silvery-bluish skin (like moonlight). They can have white, black, or silver hair and red, violet, or blue eyes, and less commonly black or silver eyes. They were banished into darkness for practicing dark magick, and gained their inherent night-vision and sensitivity to light. Due to their mysterious ways and nocturnal lifestyle, many "lightwalkers" have associated them with shadow and evil.

To make matters even more complicated, I have decided that they need more than one name. The humans call them "dark elves" or "nightwalkers", though I may want a more proper name as well. The elves have given them a name of contempt, and the dark elves themselves have a name for their kind. So, I'll for certain need two names - one good and one bad, or elven and dark elven.

I've considered calling them rilne or rylne. Some other names are nilolith or málith, which would translate to "lost ones" and "evil ones". Nyl, tolith, elar... Bleh, I can't decide. So you all have to help me. :) I would love to hear any suggestions or opinions...

Oh, and also I've found the terms Seelie and Unseelie in Scottish folklore, so I'm going to assume they aren't copyrighted. If anyone can show me otherwise though, I'd appreciate the information.
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