Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I have a longer memory than most. This just supports that belief for me...

(This was on Celidie, mind you.)

Rukin has arrived through a gate.
Rukin looks at you.
You say, 'Hello there.'
Rukin gallantly tips his hat.
Rukin says, 'I remember you... but I can't place it.'
Rukin chuckles politely.
You grin playfully.
You hear Rukin hrm.
You say, 'I suppose few would still know me after all this time.'
You snicker softly.
Rukin says, 'Well, the name is definitely familiar.'
Rukin looks at you.
Rukin says, 'Well, the mystery perpetuates itself. Welcome back I guess.'
Rukin grins playfully.
Rukin waves his arms and utters the words, 'porta'.
Rukin steps through a gate and vanishes.

That little 3/4 elf who he's been fighting for the past month even has the same last name as her... I would have thought that would at least spark something. *snicker*

Oh, and in the 2 hours I spent online, Celidie turned 84. *grin*

[ Half-Elf ] Freeman Celidie Richaird, daughter of this moonlit night

I still miss her sometimes...
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