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My mom is going to be going to Anaheim for five days, and I am really anxious about it... I think because I've realized just how dependent I am on her. She gets me food, she does my laundry, she washes she dishes, she cleans the bathrooms... I've tried to just think of this as a sample of what life would be like for me out on my own, but I think that prospect is a little scary for me right now. I mean, this is just five days and I'm worried about it. It's not like this is the first time my mom has been gone either...

I guess maybe I'm thinking more about my responsibilities and where I would like to be in the near future. I just feel like I'm not ready for life "out there" yet. I would like to be at some point, but it seems as though it's continually getting farther and farther off... I still have yet to get my driver's license. It's no wonder I feel so dependent when I can't even drive myself somewhere. Yet I don't really have a desire to go anywhere either.. which just brings on a whole new wave of thoughts I don't want to deal with... Bleh...
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