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I think I've given up on Chapel...

Before, I would always try to find ways to make him understand, and to please him, and to try and discover more about him. I suppose I was intrigued, but like so many have said, I was intrigued by something that wasn't really there. It's now obvious that he doesn't want to be pursued, and so I won't pursue him anymore. There is really no point, as I know he's not the kind of person I need to be around.

He deleted his characters today, after having his houseleader taken from him and his imm denied. I'm not sure if he'll be back at all, and I'm not sure why I still care... He and Terloch have always had their differences, but I don't blame Terloch for his decision. I actually was considering leaving, just because I didn't want to be around Rob...

I might still leave. I'm not sure. It's become less fun for me, I suppose. I'm not really interested in my mortal characters, or even my imm for that matter. I feel like I've been spending too much time on the game, and have been trying too hard to accomplish things for it. Also, a new rule will soon be coming into place where, if you are a member of the staff, you won't be allowed any mortal characters. I'm not so sure about this... While it's true, I haven't been playing my mortals near as often, I'm still uncomfortable with being restricted to having no mortal characters at all. I do still enjoy playing them from time to time... I'm just not sure what I will do.

I remember once thinking what my reaction would be if Chapel were denied... I had wondered if I would leave too, just because I relied so heavily on him. I suppose my reaction was different than it would have been back then. I didn't say anything. Just sat there and watched it all. I didn't feel relief or sadness or anything either way. I don't exactly feel like talking to him, though I haven't gotten over him completely. I wouldn't mind seeing him again, but I suppose that depends on the future.

"He loves making people feel the way they do just to get them to think about him, because if he's on their mind then he's successful."

...will he ever fail?
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