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Today, during Marianne's Adventures into the Real World, I went shopping. And I realized just how isolated I am from everyone else. And how different I am, and un-normal. I thought about how there are so many people out there. Strangers. Just one big writhing mass of humanity. And I said to myself, "We're the only sane ones out there, darling."

But I know that there are people out there that I can relate with. I just need to find them around here. Yet I'd rather just live in my own perfected world of my imagination. Or, if that fails, my imaginary world of the internet. Because here I can be myself. I'm sure that I can be myself elsewhere, it's just that.. there's no one worthwhile to reveal myself to. Or else I'm scared of being judged.

Bleh. What strange creatures these mortals be... I'm going to end up moving to New Zealand and hiding away while I write and otherwise indulge in my idealized fantasies.

On the plus side, I found some arm warmers. And I got the new Metallica cd, which I am listening to at the moment.
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