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15 June 2003 @ 10:39 pm
Newbies have some of the best quotes...

Meliki says, 'M-many things can be t-taught from a squirrel that s-speaks, i am

Thanasi says, 'Luda, no more leveling while drunk'

Kasamyl says to Darwyn, 'Stridis died again, I see.'

And then there was Revelin's quick getaway when I caught them killing saurials in Kisah:

You slowly fade into existence.
Revelin looks at you.
Aleksey draws his weapons.
Revelin gulps nervously.
Dreig snarls angrily.
Revelin waves his arms and utters the words, 'porta'.
Revelin steps through a gate and vanishes.
You peer around yourself intently.
You snort derisively.
Dreig disappears suddenly.
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