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I now have a strange obsessive interest in not only Martin Skoula, but also Maeglin from The Silmarillion. Is it odd to be obsessed with a fictional character? *thinks of all the fangirls crazy over Legolas* Nevermind... And Maeglin is better than him because he's dark, and tormented, and evil. Well, not evil.. just misunderstood... I'm currently working on some pictures of Maeglin as well. I think that if a movie version of The Silmarillion ever comes out, Hans Matheson (Mordred from The Mists of Avalon) should play him. I think he'd be great at pulling off an elvishly evil misunderstood character. Come to think of it, Hans Matheson is pretty cute too... Hm...


Okay, I’m done. Hehe.
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