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It is hot. Bleh, we need to get air conditioning. I don't see how my room can be so unbelievably cold in the winter and so unbelievably hot in the summer...

Today is my sister's 16th birthday. At this rate, she is going to get her driver's license before me. We are going out for dinner near my brother's place, and hopefully I will get a chance to see his new kitten. Her name is Ally (Alley?) and he got her from the Denver Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter for lost, abused, or unwanted pets. She is about two months old, tiny, and grey and black. I love kitties, hehe.

I went shopping yesterday, so this will be the second day in a row I've gone out. I don't have as much as anxiety, but I am so very anti-social. I don't even want to look at people. But, hopefully that will get better over time.
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