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I went walking through the keep of Tirome... A bad idea... Just being there made me think of all that I had planned for Aerydais, and all that I won't get the chance to act out. I feel as though her storyline was just beginning, but already it has to end. It's kind of the way I felt when I knew I was giving up Celidie, but at least with her I had the time to develop her character and to have fun and actually make her something. With Aerydais, I'll never have that chance...

The Court of the Duke [Room 26263]
The throne of the Duke dominates the area as it sits high upon the third
level of the tiered floor. When viewed from the east, one can see him
sitting in the center of the eagle in flight, as the window behind him
denotes. Spread out to the sides are the rows of seating for minor Lords
and Ladies of his lands. To the very left of his seat is a small raise
where the High Warden would stand when court is in session. Despite the
overly official feel one would get in this place, the court is also used for
jovial events, and can be converted into a ballroom with ease. During the
evening, the room is almost surrealistic with the eerie glow of the midnight
moon. The chamber extends to both the north and south and east begins one's
exit from this place.

The air is fresh with the scent of flowers and light floral perfumes.
There is a lasting calm and quiet in the air.

[Exits: north east south]
A large throne fashioned from gold and steel rests here forever.
A well sanded podium rests before the throne of the Duke.
Many rows of seats arcs outward on both sides of the throne.

Chamber of the High Warden [Room 26322]
One enters upon an extensive chamber, high vaulted ceilings adding a
whole new dimension to the room. A large window is set into the southern
wall, providing a splendid view of the surrounding lands. A brilliant mural
of an eagle in flight spreads across the eastern wall, bringing with it a
sense of life and majesty. A plush canopy bed rests in the center of the
chamber, covered in clean linens and the finest of silk embellishments.
Nearby sits a chest of drawers containing several of the High Warden's
belongings. An elliptical mirror is hung above this, and various trinkets
have been spread throughout the room. A carved mahogany door leads north,
returning to the tower stairwell.

You smell nothing out of the ordinary.
You hear nothing out of the ordinary.

[Exits: (north)]

I will miss her...
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