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Happy Birthday to me... :)

It's the anniversary of my birth, so what better to write about than.. death! I was pondering over what songs I would like to have played at my funeral...

Dream Theater, Hell's Kitchen - Definitely. I'm in love with this song. It's an instrumental, but it says so much. If you've never heard it, you must go download it now. Truly beautiful.

Blind Guardian, The Eldar - This would be appropriate, as it was meant to be written from the perspective of Finrod as he lay dying. Plus, the dramatic "I say farewell..." I'm sure would bring tears to people's eyes.

Now, for Metallica, I'm sure someone would choose Turn the Page, as I have long deemed it my favorite song. I also like Astronomy, especially the part near the end where the guitars play in harmony. Oddly enough, neither of these songs were originally written by Metallica. I suppose I could also go with Fade to Black.

I could also pick Dream Theater's The Spirit Carries On. It kind of speaks for itself. And I love the line, "Move on, be brave. Don't weep at my grave, because I am no longer here. But please never let your memory of me disappear."
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