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My own heaven I created here

Let me get away...

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17 July 1984
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My name is Marianne. I'm 28 years old. I'm an enneagram type 4w5, an INFP, and a Cancer with Pisces moon. I'm an artist at heart, a dreamer, a creative soul, a perfectionist, a procrastinator, slowly striving to find my place and achieve my dreams.

This seems to describe me quite well:

Your first name of Marianne has made you happiest when you are expressing in some creative, artistic way, and not conforming to strict routine. In a large group of comparative strangers, you are quiet and rather shy, unable to express yourself, not really wanting to become involved in conversation. On the other hand, among friends with whom you feel at ease, you are expressive, witty, and quite charming. These contrasting natures make it difficult for people to understand you and can lead to friction in your personal life. You are deep, philosophical, and refined, but your extremely sensitive nature causes you to become depressed and self-pitying over any real or imagined slight. You find the beauties of nature, fine music, art, and literature--all the deeper things of life--inspiring. The reserved, sensitive side of your nature brings aloneness and friction into your life, although you crave affection and understanding.

I earned my Associate of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, and my Bachelor's in English (Writing). I'm aspiring to become a professional actress and author. I also like to sing and write music and would like to form my own band one day. Apart from that, I also enjoy drawing and costuming and I love fantasy, mythology, philosophy, psychology, art, animals, and the metaphysical/paranormal.

I'm definitely an introvert and a bit of a loner. For a few years, I dealt with depression, and I still have an anxiety disorder or two. I'm not the most socially adept of creatures, I'm rather sensitive and not very assertive, but I'm slowly working on overcoming my inhibitions.

I love metal music, particularly the epic, melodic, and symphonic types. My favorite bands include Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Iced Earth, and many more. I also like rock, alternative, gothic, ambient, celtic/folk, and classical.

I'm a huge fan of Lost, of hockey and the Colorado Avalanche, Firefly, and various other random things, such as:

I'm pretty easy to get along with, so long as I don't drive you nuts with my indecisiveness and being lost in my own little world. Yes, I think too much, but I find it's better than thinking too little.

About me header artwork by Linda Tso, layout by me.
Most userbars made by me, else yoinked from various sites.
4w5, a perfect circle, acting, angels, animals, art, avoidant, bdd, bdsm, beauty, blind guardian, blood, bohemian, castles, cats, colorado, colorado avalanche, costuming, cryptozoology, d/s, daggers, dark fantasy, darkness, daydreaming, dean koontz, deism, demons and wizards, depression, dinosaurs, disturbed, drawing, dream theater, edgar allan poe, elves, enneagram, epic metal, epica, evanescence, extra-sensory perception, faeries, fantasy, fantasy artwork, felines, feudal realms, film, firefly, forests, foxes, gilding the lily, gothic, gothic aesthetics, hamlet, hans matheson, history, hockey, homoeroticism, hsp, iced earth, imagination, impalement, indigo children, infp, insecurity, intelligence, introverts, intuition, johnny depp, kamelot, leaves' eyes, long hair, lord of the rings, lost, luis royo, maeglin, martin skoula, maturity, maynard james keenan, medieval europe, medieval fantasy, megadeth, melodic heavy metal, mental illness, metal, metallica, michael crichton, minor keys, monty python, moonlight, movies, mudding, muds, music, mystery, mythology, natural beauty, nature, night, nightfall in middle-earth, nightwish, nostradamus, occult, ocd, ocean souls, ocelots, pain, paranormal, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photorealism, pre-raphaelite art, progressive metal, prophecies, psychology, rain, renaissance, river tam, roleplaying, romanticism, scenes from a memory, secularism, self-discovery, shakespeare, singing, social anxiety, solitude, soul searching, space ghost, spirituality, superstitions, swords, symphonic metal, symphony x, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the silmarillion, the stars, theatre, thoughts, tool, tragic characters, tuomas holopainen, type fours, unseelie fae, victoria frances, william bouguereau, wolves, writing, x-men, yin

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